Sunday, May 3, 2009

Hook, Line, & Kylee!!!

We took a trip to Pelican Lake today to do some fishing! The boys had their lines in the water and we were all waiting for the BIG one to come along!!! I had forgotten my camera battery had been charging all night and wasn't in my camera. So when I pulled my camera out to take a few pictures of the fisherman, it of course wouldn't work. Because it was just down the road, I decided to run home and grab my battery. When I got back, I noticed my family was all packed up and headed back to the car?? I then heard my husband yell out, "we need to go to the hospital."
Carter had gotten his hook stuck in some weeds and was trying to pull it loose. Kylee, being the helper she is, ran up to try to help and just then the hook came loose and ended up in her eyebrow! We are SO THANKFUL it ended up there and not in her eye.
It wasn't exactly the BIG one we were all waiting for!!!

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